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Teaching is my passion and I feel like it's part of my mission in life, to make a difference in the lives of children. I love what I do!

I am a Southern gal who teaches kindergarten and grade 2 in Alberta, Canada. By southern I don't mean from southern Canada. I am from Gulfport, Mississippi. I taught first grade for half a year & kindergarten for two years prior to moving way up here (thanks to my husband). I met my husband while he played hockey in Mississippi. I know right? There's hockey in Mississippi? Believe me, I asked him the same question. Ha ha ha. He is a pretty amazing guy.
We have 2 dogs together.
Emma is originally mine & Boozer is originally his but now they are ours. Emma is a curly long haired daschund that is super spoiled. Boozer is a mix of breeds that we're unsure of. Steven found Boozer beat up in the streets of Laredo, Texas when he lived there. Boozer, unlike Emma, is very well behaved and chill. He is such a good dog. Boozer also likes to chase after rabbits, cats or anything that can run from him. Emma is a good dog too, but she loves to be in my face 27/4 and play fetch like the energizer bunny. Emma likes to lay on the couch and sleep with me in bed which she does when the husband is not home or asleep.

 I am no longer a mum to just our pups. We now have a mini human. lol. Raley Anne graced us with her presence September 2014. She has quickly become my heart, sunshine & our everything! I absolutely love being a mom.

I am also a lover of shopping, eating fried food & sitting on the beach (which I am now far far from one). Even though I am along way from home I still talk to my family daily. My family is small but they mean the world to me. I love my Momma, brothers, Nana, aunt & cousin to death. I am so proud of my brothers who are growing up to become such remarkable young men.
Can you believe they are both 11 & 8 years younger than me?
They grow up so fast!

I hope you enjoy my blog and that I am able to some how or another contribute to your classroom and/or teaching.

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