Monday, September 10, 2012

The Letter Dd

We make a dinosaur snack using a slice of bread, peanut butter, bugles, & a piece of a banana.
We sequence the life of a dinosaur. We create a dinosaur art & record the dinosaurs that we will add to our math journal. We are Paleontologists for the day as we search for dinosaur fossils (noodles). We play with toy dinosaurs.
My Lesson Plan for the Letter Dd 2011-2012: Dd Lesson Plan

Our Paleontologist hats

 Students found pictures in magazines that begin with the letter D, cut them out, & pasted them to their Dd Circle Map.
Students played a color matching game with the ducks for the letter Dd.
I used paint pens to write a basic color word under each duck and then colored in a circle with each basic color on another set of ducks so the students can find the color that matches the color word.

Click on the link for our Dinosaur Flipchart for ActiveInspire: Dinosaur Flipchart

You can find Alphabet Craft Ideas like the photo above at Totally Tots. 

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