Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snowman Number Packet

This Snowman Number Packet contains 34 pages of ...
*number cards by 5's in B&W and color 1-100,
*number cards by 10's in B&W and color 1-200,
*B&W number cards 1-30 to match to B&W ones & tens cards,
*along with 1-30 number word cards that can be used to match to the 1-30 number word cards and/or ones & tens cards.

black & white counting by 5 number cacrds 1-100

color counting by 5 number cards 1-100

black & white counting by 10 number cards 1-200

color counting by 10 number cards 1-200

black & white 1-30 number cards to match to the cards with ones & tens

color number word cards 1-30


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