Monday, January 14, 2013

What day is it again?

So I am always looking in magazines and through the Internet for great decor ideas for the house. Some times when I do this I see the cutest things that I think would pair up nicely in a classroom. I am just loving all the patterns and colors I am seeing when searching for ways to spruce up the house. I think a lot of these simple colors, designs, shapes, etc. would go great in classrooms. When you think of an elementary classroom most probably think of primary colors, but I am not a primary colors type of gal. I generally go with the hot pink, neon green, and any type of highlighter-like colors, but lately I like the more chic look in the classroom. I made (what I think is) a cute calendar that would look chic on a teacher's desk in a black frame. It could go in any color frame really. Black just pops in my head. I like the idea of it being in frame because 1) It would just look good. Well in my head it does anyways. 2) I could totally use a dry-erase marker to write on it if needed.
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You can't beat that...  



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