Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's your fav Reading program & Valentine freebie

So I was wondering what Reading programs do y'all use in your school and which is your favorite? I have always used Sing Spell Read & Write along with Project Read. I like the stories that come along with Sing Spell because it focuses on simple short vowel words first and then goes into different vowel pairs, long vowels, blends, etc. With Project Read I like the order in which the alphabet sounds are taught and the words they use to teach spelling, along with the hand signals to use when learning new sounds.

I don't know much about other Reading programs out there and want to know which one you like the best and that you find most effective.
Also don't forget to grab your Valentine Word Problems freebie from my Lovely Literacy & More Facebook Page! Happy pre-Valentine's Day to everyone! Can't wait to see the posts tomorrow about all the Valentine parties.

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