Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday

It's time for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!!!
#one- New winter down jacket for only $19.99. Now that's a steal. Thanks Joe Fresh!
 #two- Purchased a reseller license from Thistle Girl Designs!!! :) YAY me!
Okay so I'm kind of hesitant to share such a good deal. Okay Okay so I can be a bit stingy at time... But you HAVE to do this if you are like me & have been admiring the clipart but just can't imagine spending $120.00 to use the clipart you already purchased in TPT products. First I joined as member a few weeks ago which is $50. When you at checkout you have the option to purchase $400 worth of clipart for only $150 so I did that of course. To be able to sell products with the clipart you need a reseller's license & at first I was like "No way am I spending $120 when I just spent like $200!!!" But she has a WONDERFUL discount to purchase here so that you receive 50% off any products you want for $10.00 for a one time use. Well without hesitation I purchased a reseller's license at the cost of only $54.00- that's more than 50% off because I got another 10% off with my membership discount. If you love the clipart as much as I do this is an awesome deal which you can't get after March.
 #three- The snow came back after I thought it was finally going to all melt away. Emma loves playing in it even though she freezes & get snowballs stuck to her undercarriage.
#four- My husband's family took us out to the big city for dinner at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse as a celebration dinner for me now being a Canadian Permanent Resident.
 Above: me & the hubs
Below: me & his amazing family
 #five- Lucky Linky
Are you feeling Lucky this year?
Check back tomorrow to link up with me for the Lucky Linky in celebration of St. Patrick's Day
***Share with us how lucky you feel this year, whether it's a few things or one thing
***Share your luck by sharing a freebie
***Come back to link up so that you can grab a few freebies from me :)


  1. Love that new coat and what a steal!! How fun to go celebrate with your hubby's family. I am looking forward to your linky tomorrow. :)



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