Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Featured Shop, Math Art & Booking Across Canada

Guess who's shop was featured on Teachers Notebook?! I logged on to Teachers Notebook today and was SUPER excited to see that LL&M was the featured shop!!! YAY!
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Products (equal or less value) this week only
For my followers, if you purchase a product of mine this week make sure you send me an email to of another product from my store that you'd like of equal or less value and I'll send it to you. Just leave your TPT or TN username in the email so I'll know which product you purchased this week.
Do you have math centers? If so do your students create what I call "math art"? While my students every year have always used math manipulatives when learning or practicing math skills they usually create at least one math art a week. I love using these as a way to demonstrate which math skill they are focusing on to display in the halls. At the end of the year I bind all of their "math arts" together  and add a Math Journal cover and back to it. They love taking them home the last week of school! I have always just used random clipart to create these since I didn't use TPT or TN then but I am slowly creating them using purchased clipart so I can make them available on TPT and TN.
You can get each of these for only $2 at my TPT Store & $1.75 at my TN Shop.

 You can check out the Crabby Math Art @ TPT or TN.
You can check out Shelling Out Patterns @ TN. I tried uploading it to TPT was having some trouble so I'll try again later on.
 You can check out Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Treasure Math Art (decomposing) @ TPT and TN.
This is actually a writing art but I just uploaded this to TPT and TN today to go along with all my Ocean/Beach/Pirate activities. Stay tuned because I have a lot more that I am making and will be uploading.

Reading with Mrs. D is a Canadian blogger who is hosting Booking Across Canada. If you are a Canadian blogger you need to check her out. I don't know why but I haven't found too many Canadian teacher bloggers out there? Well even if you're not Canadian, but teach about Canada to your class then you will want to stay tuned for some wonderful Canadian book reviews and free products to go along with those books. I will be participating in the Booking Across Canada. This will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about this country I now live in.

How did you present your resume? The resumes here are all pretty much uploaded to the school division's website when applying for a job but I still print them out to send to each school. When I applied for my first & only teaching job I've had a few years ago I of course printed my cover letter and resume on resume paper. I put the resume in a resume folder and then in a nice large envelope. Well I quickly learned that no one here knew what I was talking about in my search for resume folders or large resume envelopes. I could only find the small resume envelopes which would mean I would have to fold my cover letter and resume. I automatically thought NO WAY! I just don't like the idea of folding my resume. I found some plain white folders that will do but are definitely not as nice. As my sister-in-law told me- It probably won't even matter since the principals most likely have never seen a resume folder before. I just think it looks a lot nicer and more professional.
When printing out my resume I began to wonder... Is there anyone else out there that adds color to their resume? Or that adds quotes from your references under your list of references? Or what about a picture of yourself printed on your introduction letter? Maybe I am going a bit overboard but I just like it and thinks it adds a little extra something special. It made a really good impression on my first & only teaching interview I ever had which is the school I got a job at. Like they called me to say I got the job when I was in the parking lot from leaving the interview. lol

PS. More GREAT news!!! I heard from the Alberta Teachers Association today and I can start substitute teaching/teaching if I get a school division to send a request form. As you know I have my papers stating that I'm a Permanent Resident but my official card has not come in yet. Well without the official card a school division has to request for me to work in their schools. Hmmm... Wonder if the principal at the school I volunteer at can pull some strings? lol... Just kidding, but ya never know ;) Now I just need to start working- seriously, the hubs has started asking me at least 3 times a day since I came back from my vacation.
Irene and Kimberly Ann are seriously in my fav top 5 blog buds so DON'T MISS OUT! Also follow them if you already don't because they always have fabulous giveaways. For real y'all!
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