Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Magical Product Swap

I was super excited when I found out I got paired up with Khrys at Keepin It Kool In Kinderland for the Product Swap. Khrys is one of my favourite bloggers and one of my first bloggy friends. She is  Ahh-Mazing. The wonderful Jessica at Mrs Stanfords Class set up the Product Swap. One of my favourite units to teach is the Ocean unit. If you teach the Ocean to your kiddos you gotta check out Khrys' Ocean Unit.

This unit is filled with wonderful writing bubble maps, tree maps, a fun facts page, labeling and graphing sheet for ocean animals such as the octopus, crab, fish, sea turtle and whale. You can also find a KWL chart in this packet. Not only does this Ocean Unit include a KWL for students to use individually, but also includes coloured small sized poster cards for you to set up the KWL chart, the Ocean Animals Writing Tree Maps, and the Class Graph on "If I were an octopus, I would eat..." which you can post on your white board or chart paper for whole group. There are also black and white small poster cards for labeling the ocean animals as well. Are you students working on comparing, syllables, abc order, sight words and observations? This fabulous unit also includes all of these skills in the pack. If you teach Common Core you can even find out which Common Core skills this pack includes here.

You can head over to Keepin It Kool In Kinderland to check out other great products Khrys has or just to check out her blog. Don't forget to also follow Khrys' TPT Store

The kiddos I worked with focused on sea turtles, octopus, and whales. I love... they love using writing maps to help organize their ideas when writing. We use writing maps for pretty much all our writings.
If you would like to add a few other skills to teaching your Ocean Unit in addition to Khrys' fun-filled Ocean Unit pack you can also find more Ocean products here.
Thanks for stopping by!!! Now go check out Keepin It Kool In Kinderland.
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  1. I can't believe you were paired up with Khrys! I love it!!! Thanks for the shout out!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby



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