Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Best Tip of the & Interview Update

Looking for the best code to create a blog button? I have read a few tutorials and looked up some codes as how to make my blog button available on my blog. I wasn't happy with the code I was using and re-did the code for my blog button today.
My Cool Realm has to be the easiest code generator I have yet to find. I just wanted to share in case any new bloggers come across my "Best Tips of the Day" posts.
Also... Interview update-----
So last week I had 2 interview for a teaching position next year.
If you haven't been following my blog from the beginning than I'll just do a brief follow up- Since my husband is Canadian we moved from Gulfport, Mississippi (my hometown) to Edmonton, Alberta... Well technically we live in Spruce Grove but it's just right outside the big city. This past school year I haven't been able to teach (tear) or work period since I was waiting to get my Permanent Residency & teaching certification in Alberta. Now that I have both I can teach this upcoming school year. YAY!
Okay so the 1st interview was for the school I volunteer twice a week at. The position is for a kindergarten position BUT it isn't full time :( Since kindergarten isn't full days here yet they would only need me 50% on the time- Monday, Wednesday & every other Friday. On the plus side it's getting my foot in the door right? Another positive is that the school is only a few blocks away and off the same street we live on. I was told I would hear back from them some time this week.
The 2nd interview was for a school that is about 20 minutes away and I've been told is a really good school district. The position is for a grade one BUT also isn't full time (tear, tear). Though it is for like 75% which is better than 50%. I still don't quiet understand how things are run there and how teachers aren't full time but I'll take what I can get. The principal said "It could get my foot in the door & lead to a full time position". I was shocked when the principal and vice principal both told me they also teach along with their administrative duties. SAY WHAT?! Apparently they teach like every Friday. I was told I would hear back from this school by Wednesday... That's tomorrow!!! EEEKK!!!
Both interviews went really well and I really like both schools. So we will hopefully (fingers crossed & praying) that I will find out this week that I have a teaching job for the next school year. Either way I was very grateful to even land interviews because people keep telling me that there's no way I'll get a teaching job next year because it's really hard to land a teaching job unless you've substitute taught at the school & they know you really well or unless you have connections. I wish I had connections, that's how I landed my last teaching job. Unfortunately living in a whole new country I don't have any connections to hook me up. At least not yet.
Please keep me in your prayers these next few days.

I hate posting without any photos so here is my fav. file folder purse that I use when interviewing...
It's perfect for keeping files, lesson plans and my portfolio organized.
 Do you think principals actually ever call your former principal or employer? I always feel like that's a hassle so I include short little positive sentences about me that were provided from my previous principals, other teachers, along with the teacher I student taught under.
 Showing photos in my portfolio from my previous classes is a must in interviews.


  1. I love your porfolio purse!!!!

    I lived in Alberta (Red Deer) for a few years and I loved it there! I miss the prairies! Good luck getting a position! :)

    1. Thanks! My aunt & uncle in-laws live in Red Deer actually. That's neat!

  2. Fingers crossed for you Brittany. Whatever is meant to be will be. God never gives us nothing we can't handle and nothing is by mistake. One or the other is calling for sure! Your portfolio purse is too cute!


    1. Thank you so much Tiffany! You are so right and so sweet. I hope to keep y'all posted with good news :)

  3. They would be crazy not to hire you!! I hope you hear good news soon!!! I'm sure you will! :)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

    1. Thank you so much Regina! I'll keep ya posted that's for sure.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I'd love to hear what type of interview questions you were asked for my future interviewing reference if you wouldn't mind sharing!

    The Polished Teacher

    1. Oh definitely girl! Most principals ask the basics- Tell me about yourself, What's your classroom management look like, If I walked into your classroom what would it look like, What kind of teacher do you see yourself as, How would you handle a struggling student, If you had a problem with another teacher how would you handle the problem, How could you contribute to our school, What are your strengths, What do you think is one of your weaknesses, and I even had the question "Since you have a southern accent how would you handle a situation where a parent didn't want you as a teacher because they didn't think you could teach their child to read since you pronoun some words differently". I thought that question was a little funny but it was a good question. I just googled top teaching interview questions and prep with those. :)

  5. Good luck with the interviews!!! I hope that one of them works out! That is so strange that they don't have as many full time positions! Love the bag!

    Katie :)
    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  6. Good Luck!! I will be saying a little prayer that you are hearing good news soon :) Thanks for the advice on the blog buttons!

    The Cozy Classroom

  7. LOVE your portfolio and your cool bag! Super excited for you and hope everything works out!


  8. Good luck on the job hunt!! I teach and live just east of Calgary and this year we had a few jobs at my school. I was shocked when my principal told me there were 500 applicants for these job!!! That is CRAZY!!! Love your blog!!



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