Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Count Downs, Shopping & Appl-i-cious

I see many of you out there are talking about how hard it is to blog about educational topics since school is out and I am right there with ya! So here is my non- educational blah blah blah and my newest product blah blah blah.
Okay so many all of you were on count down mode while counting down your days to the last day of school. Since I wasn't able to teach this year due to moving to Canada & all (you know the story) I am on count down mode to lots of things coming up and that I'm looking forward to.
12 days- Our 1 year wedding anniversary
30 days- Bruno Mars concert (floor seats)
32 days- My mom and nana will be here for their 1st trip to Canada for 10 days!!!!
56 days- Me & the hubs are flying to San Antonio, Texas where we will drive to Laredo to visit his friends for a week.
71 days- 1st teacher work day for me... Okay I know, I know. No one else out there is counting until schools starts except me and I know 2 days into it I will be counting down to the last day of school but I am just super excited because it has taken me SO much to be able to teach in a different country and especially since I had to take this last year off. I must say I am more excited about decorating my classroom than school actually starting. I would love to get paid to travel to different classrooms and set them up and decorate.
Count down is now over... At least for now.
I did have a productive shopping day today. :) The hubs is putting together our new bedside tables now. Eeek! I just love IKEA!!! It was my 1st trip to IKEA by myself. Well I have only ever been once though. We don't have one in Mississippi or at least not in southern MS. I spent 2 in a half hours in there and I kinda got lost twice. It's so big and I wanted everything!!!
Look what I got!
 LOVE the pattern on this pillow.
The white circle table is a new addition in the entry way and was only $19.99. I think I am going to spray paint the legs gold, inspired by the tables below form Target. I would have loved to have found a table with the legs of the table with the pink glass top and the top of the clear glass table below to the right.

And here is one of the bedside tables after the hubs put it together while I blog. 1 down and 1 to go. Can't wait to put them in our bedroom.
Okay.... Now for my new TPT addition- The Appl-i-cious Unit which you can grab for $5. The price will change to its original price of $10 Thursday. This unit has just about everything if not everything you need. It covers Language Arts, writing, math and science. You can check it out here to see what's included in this unit of over 200 pages.
Thought this was funny so I am sharing this pic of our dogs after I bought them each a new bed.
My spoiled Emma preferred the Boozer's big bed while Boozer tried fitting in Emma's bed since she took over his. Ha ha ha... They crack me up some times.
Boozer finally got his bed but Emma soon joined him.
Boozer- "Doesn't this brat know she has her own bed. Aren't you going to do anything about his mom?"
Emma- "Get over it! You're lucky I'm letting you share your bed with me."

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