Thursday, December 19, 2013

4th Day of Christmas

 It's that time for the 4th Day of Christmas freebie!!! Whoop whoop! This one is coming at ya from Brenda at Primary Inspired. Head over to her Facebook page to grab your freebie. You can also get the freebie from my Facebook Page.
These Christmas goodies just keep getting better and better. Stayed tuned every day for these freebies, especially on Day 8 when you get a duo of goodies from this gal right here.
Check out a glimpse of our Christmas Around the World.... The kiddos are just loving learning about how different countries celebrate Christmas.
You may or may not be able to grab these Christmas Around the World booklets on the 8th Day of Christmas (wink wink).


Each student created a suitcase which is where they are keeping their craft from each country, along with their plane ticket.

Russian star ornament
Boot to represent a Slovakian tradition. Students left their boots outside the classroom door and after lunch they found goodies in their boot.
St. Lucia hats to represent Sweden.
Students wrote about how Santa got stuck in the chimney. This was a cute craft.

That's too much milk fyi... He drank too much milk... LOL!


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  1. So darn cute! I am obsessed with this pack! You are so creative!



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