Sunday, December 22, 2013

8th Day of Christmasm from me to YOU!

So have you collected all of your freebies yet for days 1 through 7?! I sure hope so... Now it is time for your lovely 8th day of Christmas freebie...whoop whoop!!!
I had to prewrite this post since it's going live at 12:00am my time (11:00pm your time) and I am or will be boarding my plane at that time headed south for the week. I CAN NOT wait to get away from this cold. I just got out of my car like 15 min ago which is 3:15pm mountain time & it said -25 Fahrenheit!!! AHHHH! This weather is killing me. I am anxious to see if the 60 weather in Mississippi will be hot to me since I've been in this cold or what. I packed mostly pants so hopefully I don't find it too hot. When I ask all my friends about the weather they  just say it's cold.
You can head over to my Lovely Literacy and More Facebook Page to grab your 8th day of goodies and yes that's right I said goodies with a S so that means you get an extra freebie.
This product is filled with over 200 pages and is generally $10 but you get it for FREE today only!!!
If you checked out my earlier posts than you saw how we used my Christmas Around the World notebook to help reinforce how other countries celebrate Christmas. Every morning my students would open their Christmas Around the World notebook and color the page of the country we would be "traveling" to that day. After they colored the day I would read to them the description on the page for that country. Some students would even circle words or sight words they recognized. I like this little book because it allowed the students to show their parents the countries we visited when they brought it home after all our adventures.
Click on the image below to grab your Christmas Around the World notebook.
I included the United States in the Christmas Around the World notebook for y'all even though my class went to Canada since I now live in Canada. So you will see 2 sets of maps, one with Canada included and the other with the U.S. included. The descriptions of how Canada and the U.S. celebrate Christmas are the same since their traditions are very similar.

I hope you enjoy your freebies and are enjoying your Christmas break.

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