Friday, August 1, 2014

FIVE for Friday

 It's been a good while since I have linked up but I am getting back on the ball. I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today to share what I have been up to. I know everyone has been busy setting up their classrooms and some even already starting back at school. WHAT?! I could not imagine starting school already. This summer is just flying by. Since we don't get out until the end of June we aren't starting back until September 2nd. I have still been spending some time in the classroom & setting it up now in case this little girl decides to make an early appearance. Even though the teacher who is taking my place from Sept.-Dec. could technically set it all up I am just a bit to bossy to not have a say in it. lol. But mainly because I want us to be on the same page & not have to go in the room in December over X-mas break & change it all.

I got another carpet for the classroom. It's just a plain grey carpet & not what I originally wanted but hey it was on sale for only $30 so I couldn't pass up on that. And the carpets I wanted were not in stock at the store. (Sad face) Ya know... those carpets with the diamond or quatrefoil design. But I will be keeping my eyes open for a carpet with a design & make sure I grab it next time.

  The classroom is still missing a few tables & chairs that are still in the gym from when the floors got waxed. I was only successful at bringing in 1 table because those suckers are heavy.
The school ordered book boxes for the classes that wanted them for Daily 5 so I have turquoise & lime green.
I just had to share these adorable & useful posters I recently purchased, printed & posted on the bulletin boards around the room. You can look at the photo above to see where our Math Word Wall will go. As we cover a math term we will add that word to the math word wall. I love the images that Blair uses for the math word wall cards. Who doesn't LOVE LOVE LOVE Melonheadz clipart?! This Writer's Workshop pack includes some pretty awesome posters that I think are perfect for our writing bulletin board. Lyndsey @ A Year of Many Firsts created this pack & while it is aimed more towards a k through 3 grade level I think it will still be a good fit for my 4th graders.

What do you do with an ugly green chalkboard? Most would probably just paint it with whiteboard paint but I already have 2 whiteboards in the classroom so I didn't really need another one. So... I painted those ugly green chalkboards black using black chalkboard paint. I purchased some awesome turquoise clothes pins from Michaels. I wish I would have taken a close-up photo of them so you could see the chevron, stripes & polka dot designs on them. Now that they are hot glued to the chalkboard I can just have the kiddos switch out their student work instead of stapling 22 writing displays. They can even get crafty& draw with chalk around their work.

I have been so jealous of all the posts I see on my Instagram of everyone's Erin Condren planner. I had one last year & absolutely l-o-v-e it! I really really wanted to purchase one again this year but since I will be on maternity leave until January & it costs $40.00 to ship to Canada I just could not see myself paying $100.00 for a planner that I would get to use for school for 6 months. Is that me just being cheap? Maybe. But since we are having a baby girl I'd just rather use that $100.00 for bows & pretty dresses. lol. So.... I created my own teacher planner which will only cost me $30 to have printed & binded together @ our local print shop. This planner doesn't have the fancy stuff of a pocket folder & labels but I'm okay with that.
I created some different options....
Here is the option of a Planner: navy-blue-lime-green
I cannot wait for this sale to start. I have already began adding lots of goodies to my wish list.
YAY for TPT Sales!

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