Friday, October 24, 2014

Mom Life & Halloween Freebie

Well my life has been busy feeding this sweet baby girl, along with diaper changes, diaper leaks & constantly getting spit up on. I'm still on cloud 9. A VERY tired cloud 9 of course. I can't believe Raley is already 6 weeks old. Now I understand why parents are always amazed at how fast their children grow.
I feel like the days just fly by. We usually spend our days relaxing at home or on the couch trying to sneak in naps when she takes a nap. Something that's pretty awesome is that 4 other teachers at my school as also on maternity leave & had babies so us Mommas get together with our wee ones once every other week to chit chat.
Here's Raley with 2 of her gal pals. There are 2 more than were just born that will be joining us shortly.
It's also nice having little cousins to hang out with. I can't wait for Raley to be old enough to play with them.

As you can see I'm getting hardly any work done but I did manage to put together a Halloween Read It, Stamp It, Write It. It's FREE for you to snatch up TODAY! I've been working on finishing my Fall/Halloween Unit. Obviously it's been a very slow process but I guess it'll be ready by next Fall. Lol
Click HERE to grab this Halloween freebie!!! 

Other BIG news! After a long talk with my principal I decided to take my full year maternity leave that we get here in Canada so that means I won't go back to teaching until August next year. It was a very hard decision since I thought I could handle going back in January but I think it's the best decision.
In celebration of me getting to spend the remaining school year cuddling and cooing with my sweet baby girl my TPT Store and TN Shop will be marked down. So go stop by & check out any goodies you may need.

And I'm sorry but I must show some more photos of my princess. ;)

We are SO in love! Happy weekend y'all! 

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  1. Brittany, we've worked hard for that year, so enjoy it! It will go quickly!



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