Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Friday

I am linking up with Freebielicious again and it's all about Fun Friday today. We are sharing the fun things we do in our classroom.
The term Fun Friday tugs a string for me. Do you call your Friday "Fun Friday" in your classroom or with your students? At the school I taught at in Mississippi I would call every Friday "Fun Friday" with my students and so did the other teachers. Well that was until the principals kept telling us not to call Friday "Fun Friday". The principals would say- We want students to think every day at school is a fun day. I kind of see where they were coming from. I loved the school I taught at in MS. and love the school I now teach at in Alberta, Canada. I am so lucky to be able to teach at a school where we get to have fun every day.

In the spring we release the butterflies that we watched grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

We go for walks on the trails near the school.

Legos are a must in our classroom. Students love to socialize and create using Legos.

We are very fortunate that we get two 25 min. recess breaks every day but sometimes we need to take a break and go out a little bit earlier or at the end of the day.

Who doesn't love a good tea party?

Another free choice activity is the train set.
At the end of each day my kinders get to choose a free choice activity for the last 20-30 minutes of school. I love that this time allows them to socialize, explore and play.

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