Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready

Hey friends. Before I get my classroom & everything ready for the 1st day of school I have to get ready for Meet the Teacher night. This year we have 3 days of professional development at the school with staff before school starts, and on that 1st night the kindergarten teachers (that's me) have Meet the Teacher night. Only the kinders have Meet the Teacher night at my school. The parents will come in & listen to the principal say all that he needs to share. My parents will then come to my classroom where I will share with them everything I need to. This is the most important time for me to share with them everything that I want them to know and allows me to answer any questions they may have. 
I am a super super super prepare freak and like to be very organized.
What do I use to make sure I am ready for my parents you might ask. Well let me tell ya. ;)
 While eating some yummy waffles for snack this afternoon I put everything that I use to prepare myself for Meet the Teacher night in this resource pack.
 This is just a very tiny glimpse of some of the resources that can be found in Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready
In this resource you can find: 
an editable Welcome flip book, sign in sheet, editable student info. sheet, class wish list posters, school supply posters, school supply labels, editable sign in poster, editable welcome note for students.
 In the past I have always used a brochure type of thing with all of the class info. that I want parents to know but this year I had more to add and a flip book let me do just that.

 The text is editable on each page so you can include what 
information you would like for your parents.
 I printed my welcome flip book on bright copy paper.

 I included so much info. in this welcome flip book that I doubt my parents will actually need to take notes but just in case they do I included a notes section.
 I love how quick and easy this is to create. All I had to do was print, line it up, fold & staple.

 Please excuse my super chipped nails.
 Just pretend I stapled my book. lol. My stapler is in my classroom.
You can find this Let's Get Meet the Parents Ready here.

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