Sunday, November 8, 2015

The letter Hh & Sorting Shapes

We had a busy week this week learning about the letter Hh, how to write the letter Hh, the sound for the letter Hh and brainstorming things that begin with the letter Hh.
Our letter Hh word tree
Our circle maps of things that begin with the letter Hh.
Our chant: Hh says /Hh/, Hh says /Hh/. Every letter makes a sound and Hh says /Hh/.
IMG_5906 IMG_5907
Here are a few books we read this week.
This week we continued to practice sorting by colour, shape and size. Size is usually the hardest for children to understand. They did so good at working on their sorting.
The children got to choose how they wanted to sort.
At math we also got to observe a pumpkin. We estimated how many cubes tall we thought the pumpkin was and then checked to see if our estimations were close.
We got to feel inside the pumpkin to pull some of the seeds and strands out. This was a funny sight!
We cut a strand of string to predict how much string it would take to fit around our pumpkin. We checked our predictions to see if we were close.
We created Our Book of Colour Words. We coloured our reader, wrote colour words and read our reader each day this week. Students worked on reading left to right and tracking (pointing to) each word as they read.

Creating with soft blocks.
Each child was so proud of their creations and they have every right to be. They used their problem solving skills to figure out how to build a better tower or building if it fell over at first. When the students created their master piece they didn't stop there. They kept on going to make their creation bigger and better.

This Friday we found an awesome tunnel kit that was unopened. Of course we opened it right away and pretended like we were creating roller coasters. The children loved this and I admit that I had fun too! I had so much fun watching their little brains work as I handed them the booklet of directions and the kit and told them that I knew they could figure out what to do on their own. They read the pictures in the manual and used trial ad error to figure out how to make these tunnels work. I was so impressed!
When the ball would get stuck we would have to use our problem solving skills.
When the listening centre finished playing the book we got to play with big blocks.
Listening to a Halloween book.
Exploring at the water table. This area is another favourite! We had so much fun creating floats and seeing which end of the tubes the water came out.
During free choice the children had fun playing house, making crafts, playing with play-doh and dressing up for pretend play.
The firefighter made a trip to the dentist.
Kitchen Area
This week and last week the children brainstormed "What a good listener looks like and sounds like". We use this chart to help us remember how to be good listeners when our friends are sharing.

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