Sunday, January 10, 2016

1 Full Week of Going Table-less

This past week we had our first full week of no more sitting at tables and in chairs. I was a bit nervous about how the kiddos would take this transition coming back fresh from Christmas break, but what's the worse that could happen. I figured if anything & it's a complete bust then we could just go back to our old routine.

This week the children worked on a /Ss/, /Aa/ sound sort during center activities.
For math they worked on completing patterns and addition up to 10.
Yes, those are light bulb patterns cards and I know Christmas is so over but hey we didn't get to this activity before we went on break so why not. I love this ladybug addition game from Lakeshore Learning and so do the kids.

For art we created a bear cave and made snow using a mixture of shaving cream and liquid glue.

Our sight word reader focused on the sight word "can" and reviewed letters/sounds that we previously learned.

In our guided reading groups we are beginning to work on blending. We have been working on blending for a few months now but as a whole group. Since I didn't start working with my kinder class until a month after school had already started I feel like we are a bit behind. Now me and my kinders are really getting down to the nitty gritty with our blending, reading and writing. Ahhh! It gets me SO excited! I just love it when my kinders are ready to get the ball rolling and show that they are ready to start reading. Like for real reading. :)

Speaking of reading. I know that rhyming is a key component when learning to read. Boy oh boy. I did not realize that my friends have no or hardly any previous knowledge of rhyming. I have always had my kinders have some sort of background with rhyming. It looks like we will be working on rhyming hard core until that have it down pat.
The kiddos worked on a rhyming activity at listening center. This rhyming activity comes from Lakeshore's phonemic awareness activity program.
The children also worked on rhyming using picture puzzles with one of our EAs.

Going table-less wasn't the only new thing that we started since returning from Christmas break. We have began word work activities. The kiddos are LOVING the chance to have a choice. They can choose any activity from the shelves with red tape.

We have pom poms & jewels to build words.
We have bingo dabbers, letter beads or fish to string together to build words.
We have play-doh and magnetic boards to create words.

And of course, we have white boards and chalk boards to create words on.

Oh, yeah. We started home reading too! :)
I was super excited about this too.
Each day the kiddos get to pick a new home reader when they return theirs.

Alrighty... let's see how week 2 of no tables, word work and home reading goes.


  1. How do you do written work or numbers? Maybe I am too old Or old school. I think going desk less in my grade two room would really bug me. Loved reading your blog though. Enjoyed your pictures and want to try your game in gym. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Jacquie for stopping by and reading my post. It means the world to me! I have 24 clipboards which is enough for every child if needed. We do use the clipboards when we do our journal writing or handwriting. I really try to use more of the manipulatives in the classroom though and not worksheets which really helps. Before getting switched to full time kinder I was partially in a grade 2 classroom and I could TOTALLY see this work in a grade 2 classroom. I still have 2 tables in the room as an option for those who want to use them for certain activities. :)




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