Sunday, January 3, 2016

Going Table-less

I have a confession y'all. I have 3 blog posts in draft mode that I didn't finish editing.  I was going to finish them and eventually add them but honestly who wants to read Thanksgiving and Christmas posts in January. Not this girl. 
Now to what I really want to share... Starting tomorrow our classroom will be going table-less(ish). I will be keeping 2 tables in the classroom for now just as an option for my kinders. I was strolling down my Facebook page on Friday when I saw Greg's repost about how he uses no tables in the classroom. After reading his blog post I knew I just had to try it. Check out his post here

This is what our classroom looks like table-less(ish).

You will not believe how much I paid for these bath mats. I mean honestly I didn't know how I was going to try out this whole method of using no tables when Greg said he purchased his bath rugs for $10 each at Target/Walmart, or at least go forward with this idea in such short notice. I posted in a local Facebook buy/swap site that I was looking for free bath mats and I checked out IKEA (they have them for $4-10). I got 2 suggestions from the site... 1) to check out Dollarama, a local dollar store 2) to contact local carpet companies to ask for old carpet samples that they'd normally throw away. Since this idea was totally last minute I went with suggestion #1.

Can you believe I snatched these for only $3?
I was pretty pumped about this deal.

Thankfully going table-less(ish) didn't mean I had to get rid of my tables completely. Just in case it doesn't work out I am keeping my tables in the hallway for now.
Wish me luck!

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