Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classroom Set-Up

My second classroom, but first year teaching kindergarten. My class is decorated in my favorite colors, pink & green along with a jungle theme. In the photo above on the left side you'll see my green, yellow, & red monkey faces- These are the student's behavior clip.
The Word Tree board has each student's name on a monkey & on the board for the 1st full 2 weeks of school. As we focus on a different letter each week I post words/pictures that focus on our letter of the week on our Word Tree Word. After we have focused on every letter in the alphabet we focus on our short & long vowels.
Do you have a Star of the Week?
Each Friday I choose a student to be the Star of the Week, sending home a letter Friday. Monday that student brings in a few photos of themselves to display all week on the Star of the Week board. Then on Friday the Star of the Week brings a favorite book to read or have read to the class by their parent, sibling, or me. The kids love this!
My 2nd year of teaching kindergarten I got to move into a larger room.
Little reading areas are my favorite.

Can you tell I like bright colors?

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  1. Hi Brittany!
    Found your class pics! LOVE the bright colors! I really enjoy seeing other teacher's classrooms so I am sorry I missed out on that linky! Your room is super cute! I love the little reading spaces! I like your star board too! Congrats on reaching 50 followers!!!! I hit 10 today and that made me so happy! Can't imagine if I hit 50! Thanks for the 50 follower freebies!



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