Thursday, January 10, 2013

MLK Giveaway... Check it out today!

Kickin It in Kindergarten is having a MLK giveaway... She is going to pick 5 teachers, not just 1 like many other giveaways but FIVE! Hurry and check this out so you can get yourself this great & easy to read MLK packet before she gives it away next Tuesday (the 15th). 

 Elizabeth, like me is pretty new to the blogging world... What I call a few months old newbie... ha.. She too had posted a few blog posts here & there but didn't really get into blogging head first until these past 2 months... Go Elizabeth! Her blog is super cute with an owl theme and I especially love her post of how teachers also need their buckets filled. Not only is she apparently a fab kindergarten teacher, but she also teaches spin classes. Where does she get the time & motivation?! You go girl!

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