Monday, February 4, 2013

End of the Year Awards say WhAt?!

"Is this gal crazy? Is she really making something for the end of the year already?"... Many of you may be thinking this if you are reading this post. And yes it is true! Ha ha ha... I know the end of the year isn't for 4 to 5 months for anyone but at B.V.E. we always had an End of the Year celebration and each child was presented with a certificate award. Now these awards are for grades, or Accelerated Reader scores, or test scores... These awards had to do with their personality, what they liked, their interests, if they were improving and what they were improving in, and things like what they want to be when they grow up. These are obviously fun awards, which is what I think awards should be. I just finished making one set so here it is... I will be making more sets with different borders so that teachers that would like to use them can have the awards match their school colors, classroom colors, etc. You can check them out at my Teachers Notebook Shop for $10.00 and it will soon be uploaded to my TPT Store for $12.00. Check out the images below for a few examples. 
Hope y'all like it! :)


  1. Yep...I am going to be purchasing those! What a CUTE idea! Check out my blog linky party post are one of my bloggers I love :) Which I do! You rock!



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