Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Five

Haven't tried out this linky yet, but I am always reading Farley's Friday Five so here it goes...
clovers by 10s freebie
Do you follow DIY, home, crafty blogs as well? The Sweetest Occasion is one of the best crafty blogs I like to follow. You can grab this adorable free Valentine printable.
 I am always finding the best ideas when it comes to crafts and home decor in this wonderful blog world.
I have been frazzled over being approved for my Canadian perminant residency and dealing with my terrible lawyers who I feel are no help. I can not wait to get approved so that I can get back to teaching or just working in general. Thanks to Teachers Notebook and TPT for showing me a little love. But guess what.... On a very positive note when I checked the goverment site it stated "DECISION MADE"!!! Now I just need to sit and wait patiently to hear from them on their decision. I am keeping fingers crossed, pleaing on my knees, wishing, praying that I hear from them soon (like yesterday).
My nieces can be quiet funny and are super cute!

Elizabeth at Kickin' It In Kindergarten has a pretty sweet blog. She has some nice giveaways and great ideas. Here are some of her latest creations that I dig.  


  1. Your nieces are SO cute!

    I can sympathize what you're going through with the Canadian permanent residency - but the opposite! I'm Canadian and am now in the process of applying for my American citizenship.

    Thanks for sharing about the Sweetest Occasion - I love that site and can't wait to explore more!

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Good luck with your citizenship Jessica and I hope it doesn't take as long as it does here. Glad you also like the Sweetest Occasion blog.


  2. Fingers crossed for the decision you want! Good luck :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Thank you for linking up!!! I love your blog background!! It is Striking!!

    I absolutely love following craft and baking blogs, but they get me so side-tracked..hahaha I love the last V-Day printable card on that blog, "Love gives you wings"... how cute!!

    Did you recently move to Canada?? I am sorry if this is old news, but I am new to your blog!! I had no idea you had to get approved for residency before!! I have to say that I am not teaching this year and TpT, TN, Etsy and my custom orders have all saved my life!!!

    I look forward to reading your blog!!! & Thank you again for linking up!! I think I need to make a brighter button...haha

    The 3AM Teacher
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    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes, Canada is new to me as of July though I am not technically "living here" yet. I have to go back and forth between Canada & Mississippi because I can't be in Canada for longer than 6 months at a time. Talk about lots of flying! I am not a fan of flying. And not only do I have to wait to be a permanent resident to teach but I also have to take a Canadian history course and live here as a resident for 6 months. Hoping it goes by quickly. I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!




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