Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with doodle bugs teaching for the Five for Friday. Even though it's Saturday & I'm a day late I have happy news as to why.
1.New do & new boots (my 1st pair of rain boots)... The snow is pretty when it's cold but it sure does get all nasty and yucky when the warmer weather starts coming around. For my southern friends- warmer weather here means like in the 30's! Yeah I know, it's completely crazy. To me warm weather is like in the 80's but my southern ways are slightly becoming Canadianized as I too begin to find myself thinking "Hmm.. It's a pretty warm to today. Oh, it's just 37 degrees outside." I'm very interested to see how I react to the "warm" weather in April when I make a trip back to Mississippi after being in this cold for 5 months.
2. Do you have an iPad in your classroom? Have you seen this stinkin' cute app for the iPad? If I had an iPad in the classroom I would totally use this app for a pre-k, kinder, and even possibly 1st grade for low students. It is wonderful for recognizing letters in the alphabet, letter sounds, and learning what new words mean. My neice loves playing this on the iPad even though she doesn't know what's going on because she's only one years old. She does like putting the letters back where they belong & hearing the sound each letter makes.


3. Well it's not a Gulf Coast sunrise but it sure is pretty among the trees.
4. Found out that just because I'm not able to attend my brother's college baseball games back in Mississippi doesn't mean I have to miss out. I can catch his home ball games on the computer via the college website live. That's him at bat. He makes us all so proud! He is a freshman at EMCC.
5. Nothing like good ole' Tim Hortons. Starbucks, What's that? Just kidding... While I do love me some Starbucks and they do have Starbucks up here, I have quickly learned that most people around here are pretty religious about their Tim Horton's. I must admit they have some good coffee. Plus it's fun playing RRROLL UP TH RIM TO WIN to see if you win money, car, or a free coffee. We had Tim's once twice today. Why do you need all that coffee you might ask.... We left early this morning for the U.S./Canadian border to import my car & get everything signed so I am now officially a Canadian Permanent Resident. This means I can happily hesitantly do I have to FINALLY work !!! Yippee! :) Though I must say I have enjoyed these past 9 months of not working. The hubs can't get too excited just yet about me being able to work & bringing in some extra $, because in less than a month I'll be headed to the Gulf Coast for 3 weeks so I mind as well wait until I get back to start looking for a job, right? Lol
He's certainly stuck with me now that I have my official papers to be in Canada legally! :)
Hope y'all have a great weekend and a great Spring Break for those that already get a little vaca time!!!
P.S. I found a neat 100 follower giveaway by Jessica over at Fun in PreK-1 so go enter to win & check this gal out!


  1. Love the new 'do! Congrats on being an official Canadian resident. Love the last crack me right up! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Replies
    1. My husband is a goof ball.. Lol.. Thanks Kimberly Ann!


  3. Those boots are cute!

    Congrats on the da Canadian residency! :)

    Learning in the Little Apple



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