Monday, March 4, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Product Linky & Province Linky

Well this post is all about St. Patrick's Day Products, Calling all Canadian Teacher Bloggers, and my new hairdo. it out (in my Fergie voice).
So many great St. Patrick's Day items to choose from... I am linkin up with Sharing Kindergarten so you can see what great St. Patty's products are available. Plus I created some St. Patrick's Day products as well that you can grab at my Teacher Notebook Shop, where all my products are a tad bit cheaper or my TPT Store. The best way to go is checking out the St. Pat's 5 L.A. & 5 Math Center Activities/  St. Pat's 5 L.A. & 5 Math Center Activites, which is 214 pages full of St. Patrick's Day themed activities for only $9 at my TN Shop  and $10 at my TPT Store. I also have items available individually if you are like me and like to pick and choose. WOW! There are lots of great St. Patrick's Day products out there!

If you missed out on this freebie it's not too late... Check it out on the Lovely Literacy & More Facebook Page!

If you are still reading and scrolling down then go you! :) Luckily it's filled with mostly pics and not so much text. I'm super ADD and often find it hard to read long posts. LOL...
Well I found another great linky. Can you tell I like linkies?! I am linking up with Ms. M from Teaching Is A Gift for her Blog By Province linky. I have a load of fabulous bloggy friends from the states and think they are just grand, but I feel like there is a real lack of Canadian teacher bloggers out there. Maybe it's just because I haven't found too many. I am always on the search for them out there, especially since I am new to the country and the curriculum standards are different here. I am still getting used to how different the schools are ran here. It's a love, kind of dislike relationship but more good than bad with adjusting to it all. I am one of those gals that kind of gets stuck in my ways (in a good way I think though).

I also saw where Fifth in the Middle for bloggers in the States. I'm from Gulfport, Mississippi originally and am actually still back & forth until my Canadian permanent residency gets made official this Saturday so can't I be both? My home in my heart with always be Mississippi. As my Momma & Nana tell me "Remember your roots". So I'm adding this one too.
And last but not least.... If you read my Currently you would know that I was thinking about dying my hair and changing it up. Well I did it... I definitely changed it up that's for sure. I died my hair to a darker brown than by natural hair color and cut myself some bangs. Yes I did it myself! LOL... I like to save money where I can and it may be odd but I have been cutting my hair since I was in 9th grade. You should have seen it the first time I cut my hair. My mom had to take me to the salon to get my hair fixed. Ha ha ha... It's still not as good as getting my hair done at the salon but it's good enough for me :) I haven't had bangs since the 4th grade so I was SUPER OOBER nervous about doing it. I have a wonderful crazy Momma that I love so much. I wouldn't have done it without her encouragement. She FaceTimed me and told me to just do it! So I did it while chatting on the phone with her. She gave me some tips. Ha! What do you think?


  1. Hey another Canadian Blogger, and an Albertan to boot! Nice! I just found you through the provinces linky!


    First Grade Fun with Mrs. Dunn

  2. Thanks for linking up and for the shout out! I am sure we can find other Canadian bloggers out there. The button looks awesome on your sidebar:) Have a great weekend!

  3. Brittany,
    I wanted to invite you to drop by and enter the GIVEAWAY on my blog right now, just in case you missed it! It's a great 31Gifts organizer tote, I want all my Canadian blogger buddies to get in on the sale too! Jen the teacher sponsoring the party,is one of the first consultants for 31 Gifts in Canada! The prices are awesome...come and check it out!



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