Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Blogger Exchange & SO Much More!!!

So this was my 1st blogger mail exchange & I was super pumped! This Back to School blogger exchange was put together by Covered in Glitter and Glue & Adventures of Ms. Smith. They did such a fabulous job at getting everything together & contacting everyone.
You can click on the image below to see who all participated.
I got paired up with Lisa over at Grade Four Buzz. She is a fellow Canadian (okay, yeah yeah I know- I'm not Canadian... I am happily an American but I live in Canada so I'm becoming more & more like a Canadian every day eh?!) lol. Any whoo... Lisa teaches grade 4 in Ontario. Yes- I am still getting used to saying grade ___, in this case 4, instead of 4th grade. She is a cat lover who has lime green & turquoise as her class colours (just like me!). She also loves post-it notes but who doesn't. I was really excited to get to know another Canadian teacher blogger because I feel like there are SO FEW out there. Tear :( But Lisa made me one happy lady when I got my goodies in the mail!
This is the package I sent to Lisa. If you would like to see what goodies were inside head over to Grade 4 Buzz to check it out.
After checking the mail every day since August 4th my package showed up in my mailbox on Thursday. Yippee!
I got all sorts of goodies! I also love post-it notes because you can never have enough. Lisa got me the cutest letters that can stick to a wall, fun foam stickers, smiley face notebook, lime green pen, a set of cute thank you cards (great to use for parents), blue & lime green letter cut-outs, and these super bright poster cut-outs. I love all things that are bright coloured!!!
Thank you so much Lisa for all these wonderful goodies!
Hey you! Yes you--- If you are sad you missed out on the Back to School Blogger Exchange well be sad no more because I just found Lessons with Coffee who is hosting each month a SLANT Box which is Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers.
You can get the chance to be paired with another wonderful blogger to exchange gifts of a $10 value with a theme each month. Read here for more info. Unfortunately I missed the August deadline (which is the 3rd of each month) but I am TOTALLY going to sign up for September.
CALLING ALL CANADIAN TEACHER BLOGGERS---- This is where I need YOU! While teacher bloggers in the States have tons of other teachers to pair up with I need some Candian teacher bloggy buddies to sign up for the SLANT box so we can share in the fun too.
All items in my TN Shop are 20% off!!!!
On another Back to School note from a non-teacher blog- I am again bragging about one of my most absolute favourite non-teacher blogs... You have to must head over to Tatertots and Jello this week or even today if you haven't already seen Jen's posts. There are lots of DIYers & free chalkboard printables. Her photos just draw me in every time.

Don't miss out on this fabulous FREEBIE!
I get a little carried away with the pics from her blog every time but just look at all those wonderful goodies! How you could read this post & not want to head over there. I so- wish I was that creative to do it all. Sigh-


  1. Looks like you got some fun goodies! Definitely sign up for SLANT. There is an international blogger option. Don't miss the fun! =)

    Thanks so much for participating and linking up!
    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. Thanks for stopping by & putting this together. It was great! :)




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