Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher Monday

This week I will be linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2013.
 Monday's topic is all about me!
1. I will be teaching kindergarten this year at Millgrove in Alberta, Canada. I say "will be" since school doesn't start until Sept. 4th & it's my 1st year teaching @ Millgrove, or in Canada in general. Eekk! I'm a little nervous about this year. Last year I took the year off from working since I couldn't teach or work period upon moving to Canada in July of last year since I had to wait for paperwork & certifications to go through. I taught kindergarten for 2 years & 1st grade for half a year @ one of the top school districts in Gulfport, Mississippi until 2012.
2. What brought me to Canada you might ask? Well if you have been following me than you prob. already know I married myself a Canadian hockey player last June. I met him @ Mugshots where I was working weekends in MS. He was at the bar talking to another hockey guy & I thought to myself "They talk funny". So of course I asked him "Where are you from? You talk funny". He told he was from Canada & here playing/assistant coaching hockey. I was like, "What? We have a hockey team?". Ha ha ha... We eventually started dating a few months later. He is simply the kindest guy I know and he is my whole world.
3. Second to my heart (other than family & friends) is my Emma Lou Lou. I bought her when I was in college in 2007 and spoiled her to pieces. I love the fact that as soon as my hubs falls asleep every night she will jump in the bed with me to snuggle.
4. Life in Canada- Living in Canada is COMPLETELY different than living in Mississippi though I am sure you already assumed that. If I could use one word to describe it I would say "Surviving". It's not bad living here and I actually like it but for someone who never encountered snow before, winters can be quiet difficult. This year I have shuffled snow, wore mittens, got stuck in snow while driving, slipped & fallen thanks to ice, gotten a face wash (the hubs pushed me into the snow & shoved my face in it), etc. Life is more about snow and taking advantage of those few "hot" days rather than enjoying wearing sun dresses & flip flops all year long. I literally get excited when I get to wear swim suit in the summer.

5. Speaking of swimsuits I kind of might have a uncontrollable little shopping habit. I love buying swimsuits, shoes, dresses, skirts, undergarments and all things that can be worn. I am slowly trying to downsizing since meeting my hubs because he thinks it's a little too much. LOL. I would say I am getting better since I now only have 1 underwear drawer, 1 bra drawer,1 sock drawer, 1 tank top drawer & 1 swim suit drawer. I used to have 2-3 for each. Seriously 3 drawers for underwear?! Yes, I admit it. I am even slowly shrinking down to 2 closets, though that doesn't include the coat closet. I even have my shoes shrunk down to 1 closet now. See... I am getting a little better. I just LOVE shopping!!!
6. Athletic or lazy? I would say I used to be real athletic. In high school I was a cheerleader & not the rah-rah kind. We were very competitive and would compete in cheer competitions. I loved it. I think I will always be a cheerleader at heart. I also played soccer, softball & volleyball. As for athletic now... well I do play on a rec. dodge ball team but that's about it. I wish I was more athletic but I think I have gotten more lazy. I am just not a "work-out" kind of girl.
7. I eat pretty unhealthy and am picky. I have gotten better at trying new things but there are still some things that I just can't try. I don't like seafood, mushrooms, cherries, mustard, bologna or anything that I think looks gross. I love pizza, fries, hamburgers, Mexican food, pasta, apples and steak.
8. Dannah- She's my sista' from another mista'!
I love this girl to death!!! We didn't find each other until our 2nd year of college & we've pretty much been inseparable ever since (besides the fact that I now live thousands of miles away :( ) It would've been awesome if we would've met in high school since we grew up only 15 minutes away from each other. Well maybe not, because then we probably would've gotten into a lot of trouble. LOL! You know that find that just knows what you're thinking with that one look & sees your wheels turning before you do? Well that's how we are. I swear we think the same most of the time. It's quiet funny. And when we get together at times, okay lots of times, we can get out of control. We always have so much fun any time we are together and always have each other's back.
9. So I'm pretty blunt and can be very loud--- I get it from my Momma. Every last bit of it. I am pretty close to a spittin' image of my Momma. It can be a bit scary at times but I love every bit of it. I want to be just like her when I grow up one day. :) She is an amazing person and my best friend. You know when you're growing up & even as a adult how there are just some things you don't tell your parents- well I tell my Momma everything. I mean everything... and probably too much at times, but I just love how open we can be. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mom and I absolutely have no clue what I would ever do without her.
10. My oh my--- It is hard to keep thinking of 10 fun things about me.
How about me blogging?! In college we had to create a blog & that's when I was introduced to blogging. I don't even think there were very many blogs in 2007. I don't know if there were but I would imagine not. I was taking a class that was required that taught you different ways to use technology in the classroom. After reading every chapter we would have to blog about the chapter and then respond to so many other posts. Two years ago I had tried to start back up with the blogging thing- just to blog about life, our wedding planning, etc. but I didn't really want to do it. Well I did but it didn't call to me and I didn't find it very interesting. I then starting following all these other teacher blogs last August when school was starting up because I was sad that I wasn't going to be able to teach that school year. I fell in love with other blogs & wanted to blog myself to keep up to date on "what's new" in the teaching world so I started Lovely Literacy & More. I just love blogging now and reading other blogs. I love the people I've "met" (not in person yet) and the ideas I've gotten through other blogs. It's simply a wonderland! 
That's it for Things About Me!
Now I'm looking forward to read all about you out there.


  1. You are super brave to have moved to Canada - I grew up in a snowy area - but I am not a fan of driving in the snow at all!

  2. Maybe you should move to southern Ontario. We had one big snowstorm right after Christmas but other than that, hardly any snow the last few winters. Hang in there...
    Grade 4 Buzz



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