Monday, August 12, 2013

Taming the Wild Thursday along with T&T Friday

So I'm playing catch up and including Thursday & Friday's Teacher Week topics into one post. I'm sorry but I just couldn't pull myself away from the pool yesterday.
It's time for Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin'.
  This year I'm totally switching things up for taming the wild. I have ALWAYS used a behaviour chart with a green monkey face, yellow monkey face & red monkey face. Hint- my classroom was a jungle-monkey themed room. Every day I would mark each student's folder with what colour face they got that day. At my new school they don't really use any behaviour charts like that. I've seen one teacher with it in her room. But I don't see too many behaviour issues at all. So I am going to try, like try really hard, not to use one. We will see how that goes. I know it is different for every class and depends on the students. If there are any behaviours that need to be addressed I will write a note in the child's agenda. I  am also not going to have assigned seats that remain the same each day. I usually tape their name tag to their assigned table but this year I am going to place their name tag at a seat & that's where they will sit for the day. Each morning I'll rearrange their name tags so that they'll sit in a different place than the day before. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Tips & Tricks- parent communication, parent communication, parent communication.
Happy parents = happy teacher
Or at least in my case... I have always had great relationships with my parents in the past. I'm hoping this continues. My trick that works for me is that I'm very honest and very open with them. I tell them like it is but in a very caring, coming from my heart kind of way. I give out my cell number, school email and school blog info so they there is never an excuse for not staying in contact and being in the know with their child's learning. I send home weekly class newsletters about what we are doing in the classroom and write daily notes when needed. I highly encourage that learning doesn't stop outside of the classroom and that I enjoy all their support. 

I hope y'all are having a fabulous week!
Happy Friday!!!


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