Sunday, April 6, 2014

End of the Year Award Certificates updated & ON SALE

Boy oh boy, have I ever been so busy updating such a large file! My Editable End of the Year Awards were such a big hit last year that I decided to create a large pack so that it will offer you a variety of border choices. Well.... since there are over 190 awards for each set and 9 different border choices it made this file over 1,700 pages! Wowzer!!! I always love buying products with a variety of choices and I am one of those teachers that likes to change up my class theme/colour every once in a while so I figured there are others out there like me.
I am putting these awards on sale for the week at only $15.00.
This is my baby gender reveal sale! LOL... I am so excited to find out the gender of our baby tonight.
Here are the border options include in the Editable End of the Year Award Certificates Pack. 


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