Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's Currently May... You mean already?!

I seriously cannot believe it is already May. Only 2 more months of school left. Well, actually a little under two. So much is happening here and I feel like these last 2 months of school are going to fly by. It's also that time (or it was 3-4 days ago) to link up with Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade.

All that hammering & drilling I am hearing is coming from the hubs & dad-in-law. They are finishing our basement to add another T.V. room/play room in preparation for our wee one. Plus my mom is coming up in September for 2 weeks to help out with our soon-to-be new addition & I figured she may want to stay in the basement in case our princess cries a lot or loud at night. Since we will be 1st time parents I figured "Babies can be like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get." LOL! That's my twist on Forrest Gump.
On Friday I signed a teaching contract for next year so that I will have a job. YAY! I am so- pumped. Here in Canada, or in Alberta at least, I have learned that for the 1st 2 years or until you have taught for 400 days straight you have to be offered a new contract each year to sign. You are not guaranteed a job for the following year. Since my school only had a part-time job for me this year teaching kindergarten I am even more excited that I will have a full time teaching job next year.
Yep, that's right. I will be going from teaching kindergarten this year to teaching 4th grade (or as they call it here, grade 4) next year!!! Ummm... Help?! I am really excited to be able to teach older kiddos but while I am excited about a new adventure I must admit that I am pretty nervous. I do LOVE my Kinders!
My hair normally grows slow but it's growing so fast and I need a haircut asap. Luckily I have an appointment next week for one. I am also in need of a bigger bra. You guessed it. Being pregnant has these bad boys growing out of control. LOL! Yes, I said it.
Any & all furniture I can use for a new big kid classroom. Since I teach kinder only part-time now I share a classroom with another kindergarten teacher. This means next year I will have my own classroom & starting from scratch. I am keeping my fingers crossed that since many teachers will be switching classrooms this summer that they will be cleaning out & will want to get rid of some bookshelves & tables. I will be in desperate need of them.
While I LOVE all my kinder & 1st grade bloggers out there I am now in desperate need of inspiration for grade 4. Teaching with Blonde Ambition is a blog I have followed for a while but since I teach K I didn't follow her blog as closely as I did with my fellow K teachers. Her blog has quickly become my go-to blog for inspiration. My TPT Store cart & wish list has quickly filled up with lots of goodies to use in my grade 4 classroom from Nicole's TPT Store. Thanks Nicole for your inspiration.
This month our classroom was turned into a rainforest for our unit on the rainforest.
 Medial sound short u sort on butterflies.
Our lazy sloths.
Students created addition sentences on their sloths.

Our Spring writing.
Don't forget to grab your End of the Year Award Certificates!!!
I promise you these are the BEST end of the year award out there.


  1. So many exciting things happening for you! Congratulations of your pregnancy and contract! I also love your medial vowel sounds butterflies. We have been really reviewing vowels the past week. What a cute way to freshen it up ; )

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  2. Congrats on the baby! You have a lot of things to look forward too! Stopping by from Farley's linky!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. You will love Grade 4! Such a great age and the curriculum is very fun!
    Grade 4 Buzz

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