Monday, May 19, 2014

Featured with a Little Here & There!!!

Are you nearing the end of the school year? I still have about a month & a week left but it's coming up quickly! YAY! I love summer break. It's FINALLY warming up here though it still hasn't hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit yet. (sigh) But hey I'll accept the no snow and sunshine any time. The good thing about being prego at this time is that I get hot easily now so although I would normally find this weather still a bit too chilly for me I don't this time :) This girl's belly is just a growing. 6 months down & only 3 more to go until our sweet baby girl is here!
Hey, guess what else? I've been featured!!! Yes, that's right. You can head over to Reading with Mrs. D to check it out. What's even better is that she's a fellow Canadian blogger. Yes, I know I'm not Canadian. Just an American living in Canada but I have found that they aren't too many Canadian educator bloggers out there so when I find a good one I get pretty pumped. She also shares about my move from kindergarten to grade 4. I am pretty excited to switch it up and move up to the "big" kids. While I know grade 4 are not the typical "big" kids but to me they are since I've only taught the little ones.
Go head over to Reading with Mrs. D & check this gal out!
Speaking of moving up to grade 4 (4th grade as it's called in the States), I met the guy that will be teaching my class from September-December while I am away on maternity leave. He is super nice and is a 1st year teacher. I think he will be great and my future kiddos will love him. It's nice to know that there will be someone great teaching the kiddos while I am away.
Back to non-teaching subjects...I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day last week!!! I was super excited to wake up to the hubs whipping up some banana pancakes for this baby mama. They were delish!
Also, I just had to share this.... lol
How about this book for a bed time story? This was a gift from one of my hubby's buddies for our baby girl. While the title has a sensor there is definitely no sensor in the F*** word through out the book. I found it hilarious and a must-have.


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