Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beating the Summer Heat

Well I never thought I'd think it was hot in Canada but it sure has been really warm these past few days. I would not survive in the South as a pregger. Lol... I see that many of you had a blast in Vegas this past week & I am jealous! I really wanted to go but was too scared to fly & be so far away with only 7 weeks to go until this little babe is suppose to make her appearance. Give or take a few days of course. While many of you got to party it up in Vegas this is what I've been up to.... 

Oh just getting bigger over here... Ha... Beep beep! Wide load coming through.

Most of us in the school had to pack up our classrooms & move to different rooms the last few days so I got this room. It's a tad bit smaller & needs a good bit of work. I had those yucky old green chalkboards & painted them with black chalkboard paint. 

 See... Look at all that work that needs to be done. Since the school doesn't have a/c you will not find my bum in the classroom until August. This room needs a lot of tlc.
I traded in my little Corolla & got me a mom vehicle. I love it!

And these past few days I've been getting the nursery ready for our little princess. Here's a glimpse of work in progress.
My summer so far has been filled with eating lots of chocolate ice cream with bananas & soaking in the sun with the hubs!


  1. Hey Brittany, are you taking the year off with the baby? Your room still looks like a nice size. The blackboard paint definitely makes a difference. Good luck with all of your upcoming excitement!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. The painted boards look great! So does your pretty nursery.
    Have fun with your new baby:)
    Ruby Slippers Designs



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