Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July Sale

Oh man... talk about a busy day. Well not in the sense of moving around but in the sense of having all these people contact me about clothes I am trying to get rid of. I am cleaning out my closet. This prego body of mine is just tired of seeing all my "skinny" clothes. lol. I have been trying to write this blog post all flippin' day and I keep getting interrupted. Ugh! At least I am getting my closet cleaned out.

Now, for what I love most... Sales! I am sure you have seen lots of people posting about their Christmas in July sale. Well, I am having one too! And yes, I know I am late but that is why I will have my The Day the Monster Came to School on sale today and tomorrow. You can grab this favourite item from my TPT Store for 20% off. This product is great for back to school and teaching manners.

Big thanks to those lovelies over at Blog Hoppin for hosting this Christmas in July Sale! 
Now... Let's just keep our fingers crossed that I get a new laptop tomorrow. Since my computer crashed yesterday I found that blogging via my I Phone isn't the easiest.

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