Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teacher Week 14': What Friday

It's time for the last day of Teacher Week 14'. Well actually yesterday was but I'm a day late again. I have a good excuse though. We had a false labour alarm so I was in the hospital for a few hours & my brain was not on blogging. I am totally okay with it being a false alarm. I think it made me realize that I can wait another week for the pain and terror of labour. LOL. Can you tell I'm scared to death?
Today's Yesterday's topic is about what you we like to teach. I love teaching everything in general but my all time favourite has to be Language Arts. I love teaching kindergarteners how to read & write. Even when I teach grade 4 next year I think my favourite will be Language Arts but for now I can only speak based on my experience based on kindergarten.
There' just something about a 4-5 year old coming into your classroom barely knowing how to write their name, not knowing their letters & sounds yet they leave reading simple sentences and writing words & simple sentences. It's the best feeling in the world!
When teaching reading & writing these are one of my main go-tos. The kiddos love their weekly sight word reader. They are so proud when they get to bring a new reader home at the end of the week to read to their parents or other family members.

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