Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teacher Week 14': Why & When (Freebie included)

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday so I'm playing catch up today. My Why Wednesday & When Thursday are in the same post... That's okay right.
I must admit I am way more organized in the classroom than I am at home. In fact it's killing me that everything in my classroom is not labeled right now but with me having another teacher take my place in the classroom until January while I am on maternity leave I didn't want to step on his toes & take over absolutely everything. I will wait until January to go in & label everything.
I wouldn't make it through the school year without my teacher planner. Last year I had my Erin Condren planner & loved it. Since I am not at the school all year I couldn't bring myself to send $100 on a teacher planner that I would only use for 5 months. Yes, $100!!! Unfortunately they charge $40 to ship to Canada (tear). So.... I typed up my own teacher planner which is what I am using this year. I sent it to the print centre this week. And guess what.... You can grab this Teacher Planner for FREE HERE!
This item will only be available FREE today.
Most teachers tell me that one of their least favourite things to do is decorate their bulletin board. I am totally opposite. I love changing my bulletin board & coming up with fun ideas. I also love having different bulletin borders to choose from. Those suckers can be a pain if not kept organized. I keep my border in a border storage. I've had it since my 1st year & don't know what I would do without it.

I also keep any bulletin board décor in my bulletin board storage box. This keeps it all in one place.
Colour coded binders are just the best! Most teachers keep their student files in a large filing cabinet. I actually keep all of my student info. & assessments in a large binder. This allows me to easily bring the assessments home to mark or use for report cards. I keep student info. sheets in one binder & their assessments in another.
This bin with coloured folders keep my guided reading organized. I have the folders coloured coded based on each reading group. I keep any readers, printables and/or assessments that I need to use for my guided reading in this bin. This is also a BIG help when I have a sub & allows the sub to run my guided reading exactly like I want.
So that's just a few of my favourite tools to help stay organized & sane.
Head over to Blog Hoppin' HERE for more ways to stay organized.
Okay so now it's time for When Thursday....
Here's a rough draft of our class daily schedule & when we will do things.
Since school hasn't started yet we don't have the times scheduled for our music, library or gym time. Plus I know after the 1st week of school I tweak my daily schedule to best fit my kiddos.

And I included a glimpse of my 1st day of school schedule because it's always different than the rest of the year.
I didn't include the grade 4 year plan since we haven't met as a team & decided on that yet.

Want to look more into daily schedules & year plans? Head over to Blog Hoppin' HERE to get more ideas!

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