Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Being on maternity leave this entire school year means I haven't purchased anything all year except tons (too much) clipart. I got a call from my principal yesterday letting me know which grade I will be teaching next year which got me excited about getting back in the classroom. Talk about perfect timing! I get to take advantage of today's Teacher Appreciation Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.
I am linking up with Speech Room News to show you what's in my cart. Is it bad that my cart totals up to almost $200. Yikes! Before I show you my goodies here are my 3 must-haves that I use every year.
Every week we focus on a new sight word & read our sight word reader for that sight word every day at my guided reading table. Students write their new sight word to complete each sentence and color their reader to personalize it. Every Friday they bring their reader home to read to their parents. After we have covered that sight word I then add a laminated version of that reader in our class library. I find this to be especially favored by my readers who need extra support. These readers can make any child feel like a pro reader. 
Just click on the photo of the products for all the details.
Who doesn't love a little FREE taste of a product. 
Get the From Sight Word Reader for free.

Starting the school year right with discussion on our school & classroom expectations is a must for the beginning of the year. I do this successfully with The Monster Came to School story & activities. This is my #1 best seller in my store.

The school year is coming to an end for all of y'all & what better way to show love to your students than by celebrating them! At the end of each year I host an End of the Year Celebration in my classroom every year and it is a favorite time for me, the students and the parents. Read more about it HERE.

 Now, as for my cart...
Reading & writing have always been my strong points in teaching so when looking for resources for next school year I was on the look out to improve my areas in math & science.
Have you seen this AMAZING Nonfiction Resource Bundle? Oh boy! I can not wait to get my hands on this!!! I think this could help my science lessons go to the next level.

Deanna & Deedee recently posted these FREE & totally awesome Guiding Kinders Math Lesson Plans and Curriculum Map that help demonstrate how they plan using these Guiding Kinders Math Units. I was reading through the comments & ratings and one buyer mentioned how it is perfect for her teacher assistant to use to teach math lessons while she works with those students who need extra help. Hey. Wait a minute. That is exactly what I am looking for! I usually focus on reading & writing skills at my guided reading table while my TA works with students on math skills that they have learned.

 Working on improving your strengths never hurt anyone, right? I think Deanna's Chit Chat Bundle can help me do just that. 
I am still on the look out for more math & science resources so if you have any recommendations please feel free to share. :)

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