Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hosting End of the Year Party with Awards & Giveaway

Do you hand out awards at the end of the year to your students as a class or as a grade level? Our end of the year celebration is one of my favorite times at the end of the year. At my old school we handed out our end of the year awards as a grade level. The school I am at now does not have an end of the year celebration with awards so I just had one for my class. You can't have a celebration with invites right? Here are the invites I used for my class. I invited my parents to join us.
This is what my invited looked like that I sent to parents. Below is an editable invite you can use if you'd like.
I had coffee, juice, water, biscuits & jam put out on my table for parents and students. Students had to wait until after awards to dive in to the breakfast goodies. 

 As you can see, this sweetie got the Accessory Award. She literally also had 2-3 pairs of shoes, sandals or heels (yes, heels!) in her cubby to change into through the day. She also loved wearing her purse, jewelry & lip gloss to school. 
See the green paper on the table behind her? Not only did this serve as a table cloth for when the kiddos ate their breakfast, but it also served as their doodling paper. When they finished their breakfast after awards they could grabs crayons & markers to color on the "table". This helped me see who all was done with their breakfast and gave the kiddos something to do while everyone finished up & parents could make their exit.
And that colored poster board folded in half, stapled & decorated.... That's the kiddos' portfolios. Each student's got to show their parents their portfolio and all their work inside of them. I love putting these out for parents and kids to look at after our awards ceremony because afterwards the parents take these home with them. This helps us avoid students having to carry these big & heavy portfolios on the bus, to their car or home.
Are you one of those parents who would have out your camera to snap some shots of your sweetie receiving their award? I know I totally will be. I had students make this personalized hand print backdrop for us to hang so the background for pictures would be cute. Please excuse my big pregnant self. These photos are from last year when Raley was still a bun in the oven. :) 

 If you are still in need of End of the Year Awards I have 2 giveaways going on right now.
You can enter to win via Instagram @lovelyliteracyandmore.

You can also enter to win via Facebook

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