Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yay Spring!!! Oh, and a FREEBIE!

Hey hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great Easter, enjoyed lots of yummy food and spent some well deserved time with family. To be honest I started the Easter weekend a little homesick. Being so far away from home and my side of the family always gets to me during the holidays, especially now that I have Raley & think about how she doesn't get to enjoy a southern Easter. We still had a lot of fun here with my hubby's family. It is pretty awesome that she has so many cousins to celebrate the holidays with. It was even warm enough to have an Easter egg hunt outside! Waawhoo!!!
Of course the egg I sit her in front of to grab had a spider jump off of it. Eekkk! Did I mention that I hate spiders?! They creep me out. It was such a delight having no snow and nice weather on Easter.

I was once told that having a kid(s) makes the holidays so much better & were they ever right.
My little lady liked her ball the most.
Okay. Okay. Back to teaching related.... I created a little sight word building activity. You can find it in the TPT store or guess what (in my whisper voice), you can grab it for free right HERE

Along with Splashing in Sight Words, I have also added Flower Picking Ch & Sh Sort for those needing to work on those beginning sounds this Spring.

 Rolling in Sight Words is another sight word building activity that goes great with a farm unit.

Don't forget to get for the end of the year with End of the Year Award Certificates because it'll be here before you know it!!!


  1. What a cutie! Thank you for sharing your hard work.

    1. I should have said your daughter is such a cutie. Of course you are cute too. Thanks again!

  2. YOU are AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing! And yes, your little lady is totally cute :)

  3. This is completely amazing! Thank YOU! Wendy 1stgradefireworks



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