Monday, July 6, 2015

Ice Cube Watercolor Paints

Remember these? I blogged about these ice cube watercolor paints in my July Pick 3 Pinterest blog post a few days ago. I found them on Pinterest and wanted to try them out with my little. It was finally warm enough out today to try them.
First you have to make them so here is how you do that...
You'll need an ice cube tray, craft paint, water & popsicle sticks.
1) Put 2 pea size amounts of paint in each section of the ice cube tray or however many you want to make.
2) Pour water in each section of the ice cube tray to fill it up.
3) Stir each section with a popsicle stick to mix the paint with the water.
4) Put the ice cube tray in the freezer.
5) Let the water harden in the freezer for 30-45 min. Put a popsicle stick in each section of the ice cube tray so that once the cubes get harder you will have a handle to paint with.
6) Put the tray back in the freezer so it can harden completely.
7) Remove the ice cubes that you want to paint with from the ice cube tray. Use the popsicle stick to hold the ice cube and paint the paper as the ice cube melts.
See, they are so easy that even a baby can use them.

Here are Raley's first paintings. :)

What I learned... I only put in about a pea size of paint in each section and I wish I would've put more so that's why I recommend at least 2 pea size amounts. Waiting 30-45 minutes for the ice cubes to semi harden just the right amount so that I can put a popsicle in it is harder than it looks, especially when it happen to be around the same time as my baby girl went down for a nap. You know why? Because that is when this Momma goes down for a nap. Yes, when people told me while I was pregnant to make sure I sleep when baby sleeps I took that to heart and 9 months later I still do it. LOL. However, I did manage to get a popsicle stick in the yellow ice cube. :) The other ice cubes were not hard enough yet when the yellow cube was ready. When I went back (after a nap so I waited too long) to put popsicle sticks in the other cubes they were too hard. The cubes still worked even without a popsicle stick as the handle though.
Want an easy DIY craft to do with your kiddos or for you to use when you get back to the classroom? If so, then you should try making your own ice cube watercolor paints.

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