Friday, July 10, 2015

Wall prints for your home or class

I know there are a lot of fabulous wall prints out there on Pinterest that are free but I just wanted to share some of the ones that I brought to life. We have this small area upstairs outside of our bedrooms that was pretty much just a blank space. I decided to use it for Raley's play area and to stash some of her toys so her bedroom wouldn't get over crowded. I found some prints on Pinterest to add to the wall in this small area. These prints could easily be used in a classroom too. You can find the prints for free here.
 Instead of printing the prints on plain white copy paper I printed them on scrapbook paper that I got from Michaels.
 I also wanted to share my new terms of use page that I created thanks to the #tptseller challenge and the Facebook group TPT Tips & Tidbits. This was a much needed page. Now I have to go update every resource on TPT and add it.
I know. I know. I have a bunch of randomness going on in this blog post, but I have to give a shout out to my baby girl. She turned 10 months today. <3 She is growing up so fast. (insert a Momma crying her eyes out emoji.)

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  1. Hi Brittany!
    What fun wall prints - I love how you've decorated that sweet little space. Your daughter is so cute! My son is 9 weeks old and I know exactly what you mean - they grow up so quickly! :)

    Joy in the Journey



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