Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tell All Tuesday

Do you ever wish that moments of your life could be captured on a T.V. show and if so would people think you were totally crazy? I am linking up with Teach Talk Inspire & My Day in K for a Tell All Tuesday.
 I like watching reality shows, especially in the summer. I grew up watching MTV's Real World and Road Rules. Anyone else remember Road Rules?  
 Picking a name was really hard and I am still not sure this suits me a 100% but for someone who is super indecisive, it's good enough. lol
To be honest, sometimes I feel like a hot mess. I can be so scattered brain, random things come out of my mouth and sometimes I think to myself- "Did that just happen?". If you were to tune in to my show you would most likely be entertained by the random things that come out of my mouth. Sometimes the things I say make sense, but not always. I am very honest though things usually come off the wrong way. I need a filter. lol. You would also be entertained by my hubby's random and crazy dance moves. They are hilarious! He thinks he's being funny and smooth but really he looks like the most uncoordinated white boy dancing. It cracks me up. We do love to jam out to the latest rap hits so maybe that gives him the extra courage to make him think he has rhythm.  In this reality show we would have the "awe" factor with my 10 month old baby girl who loves to play fetch with our pups, especially my long-haired daschund. Lately my little girl has been teething so she is super snotty, but why wipe your nose when you can stick your face in front of the dog to have it licked off. You read that right. It's so funny. My baby girl leans in front of my daschund to have her face licked and then has a giggle fit because she thinks it is so funny. If the directors and camera peeps want to really get things going all they have to do is give me a glass of wine and the hubby some beer. I have been nursing my wee one for the past 10 months & am weaning her... what's my point? Well I have become such a light weight since and I can break out the dance moves and talk vulgar once the juices get flowing. ha ha ha. If the cameras were to follow me to my classroom then you may just see one of my Canadian students pronounce the word Can as Caaaan (in a very southern accent) after being in my class a few weeks. True story. This happened last year.
I literally had a student correct her mother and said "That's not how you say the word Momma. It's caaaaan (very southern accent)." I then had to explain to the student that since I am originally from the southern United States that I talk funny and that she did not have to pronounce the words exactly like I do. I will also add that the student was a principal's daughter. (insert emoji of monkey covering face with hands!!!)
Well that's just a small glimpse into our lives and to be honest, our show would probably only be funny in our eyes. ha ha ha. Everyone else would be like - "Was that real life?". 


  1. Ha! Of course it was the principal's daughter!

  2. Brittany I know I would love watching your show!! I would be so entertained! Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck with weaning your little one!

    It’s Kinder Time

  3. Brittany, your reality show title and post made me laugh. I would tune in to see your hubby's crazy dance moves. Sounds like fun. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us! :)



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