Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Happy Canada Day!
Today we spent the day at a local Canada Day festivities which had music, games, a petting zoo and many, many bouncy houses. My little Canadian (okay really she is Canadian/American) had fun watching all the "big" kids aka her cousins play the games and jump in the bouncy houses. At 9 months old she's not quiet old enough to participate. She did have fun in the petting zoo though. That is until the roosters started making a lot of noise. I just love days that are all about spending time with family.
I must add that this princess took 5 whole steps today on her own. Yay! She will be walking any day now I just know it. :)

Now it's time to link up with the fabulous Farley for the July Currently. 

 * Listening- I never watched a lot of T.V. before but since having a baby I have found that T.V. time at night after she goes to bed is my time to actually sit on the couch & just relax. Sometimes I add a red glass of wine with that couch relaxation. There are never any good T.V. shows on during the summer so I am happy Extant started tonight. It's not my fav but it's something to watch.

*Loving- Okay. Okay. Before you think "but a 9 month old should have been sleeping through the night a long time ago", let me just add that my child woke to nurse EVERY 2 hours from the day she was brought home from the hospital until she was 6 months old. I sang Hallelujah when she started expanding her night nursings to 3-4 hours after 6 months. She then went through a phase where she woke 4-5 times a night to nurse at 8 months when she was cutting her 1st tooth so it felt like magic just a few weeks ago when she would only wake once in the night. I have been told by many to just let her cry it out one night and then she will sleep through the night like a sweet angel every night. I just can't do that. I rather cuddle my sweet angel in the night and let her get there at her own pace. 
Hold up.... ask me again in August when I start back to work because I am for certain I will be singing a different tune then.

*Thinking- Can I handle next year? Yes, I know summer just started for many of y'all and you make think is this woman crazy to be thinking about next school year over the summer. I was on maternity leave this whole school year and the previous year I was only part time because that's all my principal could offer me, so when she called and offered me a kindergarten and grade 2 position so that I would practically be full time I screamed "OF COURSE!". After all, this has been what I have been waiting for since moving to Canada... a full time position. You peeps are my inspiration! I just think of how millions of teacher mommas go out there to teach full time and then come home and do their momma duties. It will be my first time juggling being a momma while working and my first time teaching two grades at that.
 How do you survive?
Do you bring work home?
Do you stay at the school late?
Do you feel like you still get to spend enough time with your child/children?
I am excited, nervous, scared and will probably be a tad over whelmed.

*Wanting- Since me getting to spend every day, every second with my little will end when the summer ends I plan to spend every moment soaking in my time with her and being in the moment. I have been making sure that we stay busy exploring new places or as I like to call them "Raley field trips". Oh & her name is pronounced Ray-lee. :) I think I might have a break down when I have to send her to a day home full time. I cried the other night when talking about it to the hubs.

*Needing- So Raley doesn't turn one until September and her party is not until the end of August but I know I will be super busy in August getting things ready for my two classes and for the start of a new school year. That is why I need to start getting all of her birthday stuff together now. I am wanting to get her a KidKraft play kitchen so I also need to order that.

*All- I love being a Momma and it comes to easy to me. It's my favourite thing in the whole entire world. Possibly a bit too much since I love to be by my little's side 24/7 or maybe it's because one day I know she will no longer glued to her hip. lol. I know some mommas who stress too much or worry all the time which I feel would make being a momma more difficult, but luckily I'm just one of those go with the flow kind of gals. Plus being a momma is the first thing that came to mind when I thought of something that I am good at. 

Thanks for another great Currently Farley. Okay, now it's your turn. Go link up.


  1. I don't have any children yet, but I have learned, over the past 9 years, that teaching is a job that never ends. You have to be firm about setting reasonable limits for yourself and sticking to them. There are some things that just aren't worth the time they take when there are more important things waiting at home. It's hard not to feel guilty about that, but you have to give yourself permission!

  2. I have an 8 month old so I can see so many similarities in your post! She has been crawling and pulling herself up for a couple of months now so we are just waiting for her to walk too. I am lucky that most of the time she sleeps 6:30-6:30!! Funny, when she has her bad periods and gets up once or twice it seems soon awful now!

    Literacy Spark

  3. I enjoyed your post and I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I am a single mom and I had the same reservations, questions and at times I felt fear! Yes, things will fall into place and of course, it will be hard at first but will get easier as the school year goes on! Good luck!




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