Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderful Idea >>> Wednesday

 The creative peeps over at Freebie-licious are hosting a linky all week to share some things with you. Wednesday is all about a wonderful idea that works for you in your teacher life, classroom or just anything that you would like to share. I am all about what's easy, organized and works best for me.
First, let me start off my saying I love love love Pinterest but it kills me when I see pins for meet the teacher night and a teacher has like 2-5 stations for the parents to grab all these papers to fill out. I'm sorry if you're one of those teachers (no disrespect), but ain't nobody got time for that. lol. I will save the loonger post all about that for next week where I am going to share ALL about meet the teacher night, first impression and the first day of school. 
Okay. Okay. Let me get back on track here. One of my go-to things is my student info. binder. I keep my student info. sheets and all student assessments in this big binder. I do this so that when I need to mark the assessments, contact parents or fill out report cards then I have everything I need in one binder. It also makes it super easy to bring home all this info. for whenever I may need it.
 My binder looks like this and is empty right now because it's summer summer time y'all.

I created this student info. binder cover page and spine cover which you can grab for free by clicking here

Below is what my binder looks like on the inside although it is empty minus this one student info. sheet from last year. I add tabs and put each student's name on a tab. The Welcome Parents sheet is what my student info. sheet looked like last year.

Here is what my student info. sheet will look like for this year. I will print these front/back to make it one page. Okay, so this is kind of where I was going with my rant above. lol. Sorry. I have EVERYTHING that I need parents to fill out on one page. :) I will have this student info. sheet available for you next week for free so stay tuned. 

Here is what my beginning of the school year assessment looks like for my kinders. This will also be available when I talk about the 1st day/week of school so stayed tuned for this goodie as well.
I think having one binder for student info. & assessments is a great idea. Before I was always having to pull out all of my assessments from the filing cabinet and then file them away again after parent conferences and report cards. (insert monkey with hands covering face emoji) It was a hot mess. This is just what works for me! What also works for me is having only 1 student info. sheet for parents to fill out at meet the teacher night. I much prefer to spend my time talking to all of the parents, telling them about myself and my expectations for the school year. Again, stayed tuned for next week where you can get all the details about how that goes down in my classroom. 

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