Thursday, August 6, 2015

Easy Baby/Toddler Craft & Food Prep

Pinterest isn't the only place where you can find some crafty ideas. I love that I've been finding great ideas on Instagram for the classroom, home & even crafts for my little one to do. 
I got this idea from The Teaching Mummy on IG. Thanks Holli. 
I put squirts of Crayola paint on a canvas and wrapped it in syranwrap. The syranwrap kept the paint from getting every where but let Raley squish the paint around to create her art. 
They say that artists may use different forms to create art right? Lol
She tried to take it and run with it.
Here is the finished product after I took the syranwrap off. 
So at the moment I am eating yummy BBQ pulled pork and making a list of easy dinners in prep for back to school. Do you have any quick & easy recipes that's your go-to during the school year? I'd love to hear about it.

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