Monday, March 21, 2016

Lovely Little Planner

Oh, happy days! I created a teacher planner for myself years ago after searching and searching for a planner that had everything I wanted and needed. I found many amazing planners out there but they were all pretty expensive, especially considering I live in Canada. By the time I buy a teacher planner in the $60 price range, I am looking at spending over $78.00 in U.S. dollars for the planner and then at least $40+ on shipping. I couldn't find any teacher planners that were local for me and had what I wanted. I am so- happy to see these Lovely Little Planners come to life to share with you! '

I am also giving away one of these Lovely Little Planners (that isn't so little) on the Lovely Literacy and More Instagram. Make sure you go like the original photo of this teacher planner before April 2nd on Instagram. While this teacher planner was made in Canada, it can be used for both Canadians and Americans. :)
 This 9" x 11" planner has a laminated cover page & back page, with a total of 254 pages.

These special dates include Canadian and American 
dates to help you stay on top of important events.
 Keep up with all those special birthdays
in your Lovely Little Planner.
 Keep track of parent emails and other 
important emails in your Lovely Little Planner.
 Easily keep track of how your children come to 
school & go home in your Lovely Little Planner.
 Keep track of your daily schedule
in your Lovely Little Planner.
 Draft out your year units/plans at glance
in your Lovely Little Planner.
 Need an overview of your monthly plans, meetings, etc... 
You can keep organized in your Lovely Little Planner.

 Our lives are extremely busy with the juggle of our teacher & home lives.
Help stay organized with these "on the menu" weekly meal plans in your
Lovely Little Planner. 

 Keep track of your reading, writing and math groups, 
along with your student observations
in your Lovely Little Planner.

 A teacher planner wouldn't be complete
without a student checklist.
 Recap your monthly concepts & skills
in your Lovely Little Planner.
I love this teacher planner and I hope you do too. If you are interested in a Lovely Little Planner please visit the Lovely Planners Etsy shop
This Lovely Little Planner is also now available on Teachers Pay Teachers. :)

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