Saturday, April 9, 2016

My little artists

My little kinders (aka artists) love their craft time during their hour long free choice centers. I put out different things for crafts each day. On this day we painted. We started out painting with our temper paints as usual, but then a package was delivered to our classroom. Talk about perfect timing!
Below you can see one of the masterpieces created by one of the children. 
This artwork was created with temper paint before our package arrived.
 Now you can see another beautiful work of art created by another child. This artwork looks a bit different. It's more colourful, brighter and honestly, less messy. This creation was created with Kwik Stix. Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks created by The Pencil Grip company.

 Not only was their artwork brighter and more colourful, but there was no mess at all. The best part was that the children love the Kwik Stix. They were amazed at the bright colours and many of the children were ecstatic that the white paint actually showed up on their paper. Oh, and I almost for got to add one of the best parts... this paint dries within 90 seconds! Talk about freaking amazing!!!
I love these paints, my educational assistance love these paints and my children love these paints. We have been using these paints for at least two months now and we are just now starting to need new Stix. Now I am off to order more Kwik Stix. 

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