Friday, October 25, 2013

5 for Friday- Scarecrows, Apples, Dinos, Witches

Ahhhh! These past weeks have been CRAAA-ZY!!! Kudos to you lovely ladies & dudes that are able to blog every day. I feel absolutely terrible for not finding enough time to get on here more often but every extra minute I get is spent with my nose in my Canadian history class that I have to pass in order to get my permanent certification in Canada. UGH! It really stinks.... It's like pulling teeth to make myself read. I CAN NOT wait until this course is over, well if I can pass it that is. I pray that I can pass this course even if it is by a thin thread.
On the plus side I have lots of photos & freebies to share with y'all :)
We are working on patterns. I made these strips of cube patterns so that students can extend the pattern. Freebie--- cube pattern strips

We learned about the letter & short sound of Aa last week. We did an apple observation. The kiddos loved it! They predicted whether their apple would sink or float and then checked their prediction.
Check out the Apple Unit on TPT, TN, Tools for School or EdWorld Exchange

We measured our apples.

We recorded our observations.

Students read their Fall Sight Word Reader. Another FREEBIE

I saw a cute craft on Pintrest similar to this so I free handed a template for these fun scarecrows.

The kiddos enjoyed making these. This was our first "big kid" writing. Together we wrote the sentence- I see a scarecrow. Then students created their own sentence by telling me what they would like to write about their scarecrow. I wrote their sentence on a sticky note and they wrote it on the scarecrow writing sheet.
Next week the students will begin to use the letter sounds that they know to write words.

Here are our turkeys and corn crafts that students created for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Students created these name plates on poster boards using snips of construction paper about 3 weeks ago but I just got these up in the classroom. I know I know... bad teacher.

A few books we read for the letter Aa.

Our letter Aa cards for the kiddos to refer to through out the week.

Our Apple Graphing
Grab it for a buck here or find it in the Appl-i-cious Unit

After reading Johnny Appleseed we created Johnny Appleseed hats.
The Letter Dd & Dinosaur Unit
Students created their own patterns with these dino cards.
Freebie--- Dino Pattern Cards

We've learned the letters Pp, Uu, Oo, Mm, Xx, Aa & Dd so far.
Students write & read words that have the letters that we've learned so far.

The dino pattern sheet that you can grab above. :)

Students LOVED being Paleontologists and creating dino fossils using noodles.

Our paleontologist hat we made using construction paper.

Our witch writing... Another Pintrest find!
Students listed their witch brew ingredients.

These turned out cute!

Tonight our school had a Halloween dance which is a great way for the PTA to raise money. There were a good amount of other Minnie Mouses there too but I was the only one with a red one.


  1. I hear you on the blogging. I have not had a chance to really write anything in awhile. Hoping now that my conferences are over I will be able to get a few more blog posts completed. All of your activities look like so much fun! Have a great weekend.
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. The dinosaur fossils with noodles is a great activity; I think I'll use that next week, as it will fit right in with our studies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the fun freebies! Good luck with your history class!



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