Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrating Kimberly Ann's Blogiversary

How long have some of you lovely ladies & gents been blogging? Has it been a few years, a year, or even a few months? My pal Kimberly Ann over @ Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten has reached her year of blogging. To celebrate she is having a fabulous giveaway! Yippee... Congrats Kimberly Ann!!! Head over to enter for some pretty awesome goodies.
Just click on her image below :)
Well I hope all of y'all survived Halloween! I was exhausted after our kinder Halloween parade and our Halloween non-party. Technically we don't call it a Halloween party but the kiddos do get to hand out candy, Halloween goodies or whatever they bring to hand out. They just have to put it all in their backpacks. I was Minnie Mouse.
Speaking of backpacks.... Do you use the word backpack or bookbag?!??? I tend to use both... Just which ever word pops out of my mouth and my kiddos do not get that these 2 words mean the SAME THING! I swear they are constantly correcting me if I use the word "bookbag" or look at me confused when I ask them to go get their bookbag and pack up. LOL! I just think it's funny.
Now back to Halloween....
I had a parent drop off Haunted Gingerbread Houses for the kiddos to make after the Halloween Parade and boy oh boy did I under estimate the messiness of this!!! WOW is all I can say. But the kiddos did LOVE every bit of it.

As you can see, it got sticky! I don't know why I didn't think to put paper underneath for the icing. Let's just say I just now got the black dye from under my fingernails.
Oh and I bundled my Sight Word Readers.... So you can SAVE & purchase the pack now!
Just click on the image.

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