Monday, November 18, 2013

Reading, Writing & my never ending Nov. list

Is your November to list never ending just like mine is? I swear my list just keeps piling and piling up. I FINALLY finished my Canadian History paper but that leads me to my final exam. (Insert me wanting to puke here just thinking about it) I was super pumped to get my IPP written. Now it's report card time and not to mention X-Mas parties time.....
In class we have been really pushing reading cvc words and sight words. We have also been creating patterns and sorting. To tell the truth I am very impressed with my group of kiddos. All summer I was super nervous and worried that my kids would come to me not knowing anything and would not be motivated to learn since most didn't go to preschool and those that did only went 2 days a week for half days. That is how things roll here... I am used to kiddos coming to me that have been in preschool Mon-Fri full days so what I thought would be a big adjustment isn't as much.

Here me and the kiddos are showing off our silly socks which we wore to reinforce the letter Ss.
We created pattern necklaces last week.

Journals are a big deal in my class. I really try to focus on handwriting, that students illustrate a character and setting, and that if possible they create a sentence of their own. I was pumped when students began creating their own sentence in their journals last week.

Here is another example of a kiddo's journal.
Now I have a question---- Do you teach DAILY 5? For those that teach kinder, is it possible to teach DAILY 5 to kinder students who are only in class 2 days a week????
Okay so I have 4 center rotations which is mixed with math and literacy and it works really well with my class. I just really want to set aside more time for the students to read especially since I am only when them twice a week and sometimes three if I am lucky. All of the grade 1 teachers do DAILY 5 so when I witnessed their partner read I just loved it. I used to do partner read once, sometimes twice a week when I met with the students everyday but I just don't get time for that when I meet with them only a few times. Last week I began to teach my kiddos about partner read, EEKK and how to partner read. It was a hit and the students did so well! I am not sure if you're suppose to start off with read to self but with kinder I found it is more helpful for them to partner up.
Well that's my week... I hope y'all are all hanging in there with me.

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